My profile

People I met with think I am action-oriented and collaborative
My friends define me as trustworthy and problem solver
I consider myself curious and organized

There is one question I ask myself every day: how can I make a real impact on people lives? Scientific research and commitment to leadership are my answers.

Energy is the most important challenge of the next century. I am interested in energy efficiency and new approaches to enable competitive renewable energy sources. In my research, I work with light and matter. I create semiconductor nanostructures specifically designed to be efficient light sources; on a different side, I manipulate and trap light to envision next generation of silicon-based solar cells. I am a physicist by training (PhD in 2010). Right now, my research activity is across physics, materials science, and engineering. The perfect balance between fundamental concepts applied to real devices. I always had a strong interaction with semiconductor industries. I have large experience and ability to design, fabricate and test new materials and device prototypes, developing a new idea from the basic physical principles to an actual implementation.

I am aware that innovation can be made only by a diverse team of people focused on the same goal. Getting the best out of each of us is the most challenging role of a leader. I had the possibility to manage small and large groups of people, achieving unexpected great results, with a large impact on the group members as well as on a large community.

My strengths are: excellent time management, people values and interests evaluation, peer support and consulting, mentoring experience, events organization, tasks organization and coordination.

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