On-line since 04/15/2004
Current version: 6.0.0, on-line since 03/16/2014
Last update: 10/04/2012

Changes log:
01/16/2014: Project v.6 started
10/04/2012: v.5 now on-line!
10/01/2012: v.4 offline, website under renovation
05/28/2012: Project v.5 started
03/26/2012: Security patch implemented in the file download page
03/26/2012: Registrato il dominio emfpecora.eu
01/23/2012: Re-CAPTCHA security system implemented into forms
01/23/2012: Google Reader feeds changed to +1′s feed
06/03/2011: Bug fix in the wall and update of the social network links
01/13/2011: Updated the Highlights page and added “related posts” in “The wall”
01/10/2011: Bugs fixed
01/02/2011: Personal image added
12/12/2010: Bugs fixed
11/07/2010: QR code generator enabled in the wall posts
10/10/2010: Administration tools upgraded

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